How does one find simplicity in the complex nature of the human experience?

Often the holistic nature of the body and mind is said to be a complex network of interrelated systems that support each other to create health.

With the triangle of health one can break down the complexities of human health and understand, how the different systems affect and support each other to create health or illness depending on how one lives their life.


How exactly do our emotions affect our body and how do the other areas relate?

Photo-2016-04-26-17-28-18All health issues have an emotional stem, as the body is designed to create health from the instructions it is given. Emotional state can be affected depending on what kind of instructions we feed into our body. Whether they are biochemical messengers we consume, e.g. nutrient rich foods or alcohol & drugs, or physical messengers in the form of movement or sedentary lifestyle, they all will eventually have an emotional aspect to them (sadness, frustration, anger, disappointment etc).

Each side of the triangle informs the body on how to produce health. From the food we eat, the exercise we do and the thoughts and feelings we have. Each side plays a part in creating health and wellbeing for us.

When nutritious food is given, the body creates healthy cells, strong bones while growing and repairing the body. When we enjoy life and be merry, the cells of the body switch from a survival mode to a thrive mode. (On a cellular level there’s only these two modes of operation. Under stress you can guess which mode is in use)

When the body is exercised and the joints moved in their full range of motion, fluids are moved through the tissues of the body and are cleansed by the liver and kidneys. This, of course, assists in keeping the body biochemically balanced removing toxins and delivering nutrients where they are needed.

The primary waste system of the body is the lymphatic system, which unlike the blood circulatory system has no pump. It uses a series of one-way valves and therefore, the natural movement of the skeletal muscles is essential to move the waste fluid. If the body is kept still, similar to still waters it becomes stagnant and toxins build up in the body. This affects the biochemical balance, and if not addressed, may even lead to imbalanced neurotransmitters in your brain.

Luckily the system also works the other way, improving our health. When we are fully relaxed and enjoying ourselves, our adrenals switch off and cortisol levels drop, blood vessels relax and blood pressure drops, capillaries open and blood starts going to our hands and feet, channels open up in the brain and allow detoxed blood to go into the fore brain allowing for more creativity, for example.

How to best improve one’s health?

In addition to the above mentioned activities (eat well, move well & address emotions well) there are a few more things to consider.

Maybe the best self-healing method for all aspects of health is good quality sleep. It plays a big part in the deep relaxation, but sleep alone is insufficient, if it is the only time we feel good.

To truly live a full life, we need to have something to look forward to during the waking hours too. I’d even add that if the bi-yearly overseas holidays are the only time when you find the true joy in living, you may want to do a reality check on your daily routines. Everyone can find a way to implement rewarding, relaxing or other kind of empowering experiences in their day-to-day life, both at work and leisure.

There are number of ways to find that balance between work and fun. For some it’s just a matter of reassessing their daily life, activities and quiet time, and answering honestly to questions like: what is it that I can do to improve the quality of my life? How can I do it? For some, life may require a bigger overhaul.

At our clinic we do that using the latest modern psychology techniques including hypnosis, NLP, and mind training methods. We assist clients get clear on their values, priorities, pain points and desired state, and how to get there. The answers are within each person, and we help you uncover yours.

With the triangle of health we can see that by moving well, eating well and thinking well we can ultimately be well. But only, if we practice honesty at all those fronts and take action. Are you clear on your next steps?


Text: Chris McLeod